Art video portfolio 

For mobile devices..

Just trying out something new. Wish to work full time on my art and tattoos and now creating the time for it.

Usually all my work is rush jobs since people don’t realise how much time you have to put in every piece and last minute work is never nice for me hence not all my work is featured. I just don’t like my own rushed work.

So from now I will try to bide my time and work better. Still an amateur on many levels so this will hopefully be a growth experience for me..

his and hers name tattoos

her name on him...
his name on her

Personally it is a no-no for me.
But some people believe their love so strong it would last the ages.
I did mention the coverup done about a week before of a guy that got divorced and had put her name on him.

I warn of dangers and suggest alternatives but in end I put my personal opinions to the side and get paid.
Repeat business is good.